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Data Allowance Application Form

This form is for anyone who wishes to apply for the Department for Education's pilot offer to increase mobile data allowances for children and young people.

Who can apply?

This scheme is availble to families who:

- don't have access to a fixed broadband connection
- cannot afford the adittional data needed to access educational resources or social care services
- have access to a mobile device that uses a participating network (participating networks are listed below)
- are facing distruption to thier face-to-face education, or have been advised not to attend school

What information will we need?

To request extra mobile data, we as a school will require the following information:

- account holder's name
- your mobile number (beginning with 07)
- your mobile network provider
- whether you are on a monthly contract or pay-as-you-go deal.

What are the DfE offering?

The amount of data offered will depend on your mobile network. Some networks are unable to off extra data to pay-as-you-go customers.

Once we have submitted your information to the DfE you will receive the following information:

- if there is an offer availble for you (equally, if there is no offer available to you)
- the details of the offer available to you
- you will receive a text message when the additional data has been activated
- whether your data can be used when tethering a mobile phone to another device for internet access

The following providers are currently participating in the is offer:

- EE
- Sky Mobile
- Smarty
- Tesco Mobile
- Three
- Virgin Media

If, having read all of the information above, you beleive that you qualify for this offer, please complete the form below. You will need to fill out all of the boxes marked with a * and agree to the Department for Education's Privacy Notice on the second page in order to submit this form.

Mobile Network Provider (select one of the following. If your provider is not listed below, you are currently eligible to apply for this scheme)*

In order to submit this request for additional data, you must read and consent to the Privacy Statement on the following page.