Can We Believe Anything Ethan Tells Us? No!

Year 9 Stanhope student Ethan has actually left staff speechless! Having practiced magic for two years Ethan decided to try out his skills on a number of staff including Mr Allison, Mrs Sterling, Miss Heatley and yes, even Mr Brookes! He started off learning basic magic then progressed on to professional magic tricks. He said “I’m hoping that Mum and Dad try to get me into the Magic Circle but I am also desperate to join Medway Magic Club too”. There is a big age gap between Ethan and the majority of magicians but, according to the staff he has amazed, he is every bit as good as his older counterparts. Mrs Palmer said “We were getting Ethan to repeat his card tricks over and over again as we just couldn’t see how he did it. It MUST be magic!”. Not only does Ethan perform card tricks, he is learning the art of ventriloquism, sword swallowing and fire eating. If anyone wants to see a card trick do ask him as he will leave you wondering just how he did it!