Twit Twoooo For Knitting Ace

Morrison Student Claudia has finished her first practical assessment in knitting by following the pattern for this pretty owl with no further guidance.

She had to deal with counting switches and rows, master cables and ensure she did not lose her place. But after 1 hour's knitting over 6 weeks, she has done it! The plan is for her to use this to make other squares so she can build it up to a blanket, so she has a few more squares to work on! Some of these squares will have letters, making up her name. Mrs Osoba had helped Claudia to design these letters squares so now she is able to follow knitting patterns.

This is just one of the activities the Knitting Club get up to twice a week with Mrs Osoba's guidance. Throughout the year Claudia and Katie Philips have been instructed in the different types of knitting needles, names of wool and understanding of what is used to make them. The girls are looking forward to carrying on next year and working on more squares and learning more about knitting.