Bach To The Future Roadshow Wows New Year 7s

The wonderful musicians from Kent Music paid another fantastic visit to Fulston Manor School as part of their Bach To The Future Roadshow on Monday 25th September. The interactive Roadshow aimed to inspire students to learn a musical instrument and to encourage an understanding of how valuable music is to our world and to our everyday lives. The three experienced musicians each represented an instrument family and gave students information about the instruments within those families. Kent Music Schools Colin was on Brass, Lori on Strings, and Graeme on Woodwind. The Roadshow included live demonstrations of music from film, TV and musical theatre, and a range of different styles of music from classical and jazz to popular music. The musicians played a variety of instruments and show a range of video clips, film trailers, TV adverts, and comic musical pieces. They also led audience participation activities with the Year 7s which included karaoke and demonstrated instruments that could be made at home. Cromer student Marshall thoroughly enjoyed the event and said “This has been brilliant. I recognised so many songs”. A truly great experience for students especially if they do not have much access to music outside of school.