Students Link The Soaps To Ancient History

On Saturday 30th September four students, together with Mrs Ottaway, travelled to Kent University’s campus in Canterbury to attend the Advocating Classics Education event. As part of the hugely successful LARCS Group at Fulston (Latin And Roman Civilization Society) the students Ellen, Rachael, Connie and Mia listened to a highly motivational talk by stand-up comedienne and Celebrity Classicist Natalie Haynes who brought humour into her delivery on what Aristotle’s analysis of Sophocles’ Oedipus could tell us about how modern day soap operas are written..

But the hilarity was balanced by two moving talks. Kent Uni lecturer Dr Christopher Burden-Strevens recounted how it was only the study of Classical Civilisation which had rescued him during a very tough adolescence. He went on to learn ancient languages at University and now is flourishing in his permanent academic post. And Caroline Ball’s discovery of the Greeks & Romans through Classical Civilisation at her comprehensive led to her winning a place to study at Oxford.

Mrs Ottaway and the students agreed that “ It was a fantastic afternoon, spent learning more about archaeology, philosophy, literature, history, and languages; it was also enhanced by excellent biscuits”.