Students Go Into Battle!

To celebrate the 951st anniversary of the Battle of Hastings, a small group of Year 13 students went to Battle Abbey to experience a re-enactment of the day of the famous battle. It was particularly exciting as this year the event fell on the exact day and date of the Battle: Saturday the 14th October.

Each year English Heritage celebrate the anniversary of the Battle of Hastings and as always it was a very enjoyable and informative event.  The Battle Field was set up as it would have been, with both Saxon and Norman encampments to the sides. Touring the encampments was extremely enlightening,  showing contrasts between the social development of the two enemies. Mr McCutcheon said “We experienced the sights, sounds and smells of the time.  Re-enactors were keen to share their knowledge and skills and our students had the opportunity to dress in armour and handle weapons, spin wool, touch and smell food,  watch bone carving, listen to the first ever recorded music, and some even found themselves in the stocks”.

In the afternoon the Battle was re-enacted. Approximately 600 volunteers, including some 20 horses, recreate the main events of the Battle of Hastings to a commentary.  Fulston students were seated behind the Saxon lines on the top of Senlac Hill. As they watched the horses cantering towards them and the Saxon shield wall, it fully showed how brave the Saxon warriors were to hold their nerve as they did. The re-enactment also helped the students understand why indeed William won.  Mrs Wicks also commented “ Both staff and students gained a great deal from this experience.”.