Jack The Ripper Tour

Year 11 GCSE History students, currently studying for their ‘Historical Environment’ paper, embarked on an amazing trip to London on Wednesday 1st November to take part in the Jack The Ripper walking tour around Whitechapel – the scene of the 5 murders attributed to the infamous killer which allowed them to see the area and brought their studies to life. Walking between each site where the bodies of the women were found in 1888 the tour guide gave a descriptive, gruesome insight on how, and why, the murders took place.

After lunch the students and staff visited the London Dungeons where they were given passionate talks by actors, room by room, of big events and famous people based on true events. The students experienced the smells and sounds of Sweeney Todd, the Great Fire of London, Jack The Ripper and The Death Express to name a few. Fear abounded together with laughter and a jolly good day was had by all.