Students Wish Joyeux Noël To All

On Thursday 30 November, 45 Year 9 students went to Amiens in Picardy to visit the Christmas market. On one of the coldest days so far they gathered at 05.45 to leave at 6.00 to get to the Eurotunnel terminal in Folkestone. Some students had never been to the Eurotunnel and so the whole experience started at that point! Arriving in Amiens, students discovered the largest Christmas market in the north of Paris and saw ,first-hand, the different French Christmas traditions. While it was a great opportunity to practise their French skills, they also visited the many shops in the main street and appreciated the French shopping experience. Chocolates, gingerbread and many more savoury things have been purchased for themselves and their parents. French teacher, Mr Georgin, said “We got back in Sittingbourne in the evening with bags full of various presents. It was a long day but everyone really enjoyed it despite the cold. I think the chocolate shops were a particular favourite!” Hales student Katy, said “It was a great day. We did try and practise our French with the locals but not everyone could understand us – it didn’t spoil the day though”.