Total Raised For Lepra Smashes Record

The weekly 6th Form assembly on Wednesday 24th January was dedicated to the charity Lepra.  Lepra is a UK-registered international charity focusing on people who are trapped at the intersection of disease, poverty and prejudice. Sixth former Chelsea presented a cheque for £5,500.66 to Yasmina Beckett Cole from Lepra and explained to the audience of students and staff, how giving up one night of their lives raising money, had saved the lives of over 218 people suffering from this horrendous disease.  Mrs Relf, who was instrumental in the organising of the evening, said “Students and staff stayed awake from 7.00pm until 7.00am and although it was really tiring we had so much fun doing it and knowing it was for a great cause”. Miss Davies said “The students arranged a wide range of activities, which ran throughout the night and we have been blown away by the amount raised this year. As each year passes we always want to raise just a little bit more so we were thrilled when we saw that last year’s total had been broken. I am so incredibly proud of our students and want to thank them all”.