Kent Secondary Schools Gymnastics Competition 2018

Five budding gymnasts travelled to Pegasus Gymnastics Club in Maidstone on Tuesday 20th March to take part in a Floor & Vault competition. The students were given an assessment criteria two weeks ago, and from this they created their own routines. All five students are currently club gymnasts and were entered into the ‘Elite’ competition for their respective age groups. Mr Patey said “It was astonishing to see such a high standard of gymnastics at the event. The Fulston students involved performed with tremendous flair, tempo, amplitude and virtuosity”.

Joining the group was Cromer student, Jessica I, who fought off competition from 13 schools to win the county competition for her age group! Jessica practises gymnastics at least four times every week and specialises in Acro Gymnastics competing with two other friends. Jessica said “ I love being in the gym and count all of the girls as my friends. We do solo routines and group ones and we choose the music together with our coaches. The other gymnasts are like sisters and we have sleep overs at my house so sometimes there can be 15 of us!”