Knitting Club Growing In Numbers And Skills

The Knitting Club continues to grow in number and the difficulty of work the students are carrying out. Katie Phillips completed an assessment piece of a generic animal, that could be decorated to be a lamb, bear or unicorn! She settled on a sloth. The challenge involved in creating this piece in garter stitch included increasing stitches, reducing the number of stitches to create the shape, sowing the whole thing together and stuffing. Katie worked hard at keeping to the pattern and learnt a lot of new knitting terminology. With Katie, Claudia Bennett has been attending the Club since its inception in October 2016. Other students have had challenges of homework or performances that have reduced the amount of time they can attend Knitting Club. Claudia is continuing to work on her patchwork blanket, which will be made out of rectangular pieces of different styles. She has recently mastered the “fan and feather pattern”, which is relatively complicated and intricate, and is using this for her current piece. Mrs Osoba is very proud of the students’ commitment to the Club and their desire to learn new and complicated patterns. Mrs Osoba has demonstrated some of the uses of the knitting technique by giving knitted gifts to pregnant colleagues – 7 baby blankets have been distributed to date!