100 Years at Fulston Manor (well almost!)

Long-service awards were presented to three members of staff last week who, between them have racked up an impressive 96 years of continual service at Fulston Manor.
Chair of Governors, Mrs Couzins presented Mr Brookes, Mr Johnson and Mr Steinson with a gift each and letter of appreciation for their time spent here.
Mr Johnson has worked at the school for 32 years and in that time has been a Head of Cromer, Leader of Year 9 Camp and a teacher of PE. He is now an Assistant Headteacher and teacher of Maths.
Mr Steinson started working at Fulston Manor in September 1978 after spending six months working in an Antiquarian Bookshop. He is now an English teacher but has taught bits of Music and French over the years.
Mr Steinson said, “ It was completely unexpected but very nice to have the milestone recognised” and of why he stays at Fulston, “ As schools go you would be hard pressed to find somewhere better!”.
Mr Brookes started at Fulston Manor School on 1st January 1982 after working at Rivermead Boys Secondary Modern (76-77) and Soham Village College (77-81) where he taught English.
His Fulston Manor career is as follows:
01/01/82 Started at Fulston as Assistant Teacher
01/09/86 Head of Morrison House (temporary)
01/09/87 Head of Morrison (permanent)
01/09/90 Head of Morrison, Personal Development Co-ordinator
01/09/91 Head of Morrison, Personal Development Co-ordinator,
Staff and Pupil Services Manager
01/01/94 Deputy Headteacher
14/11/96 Acting Headteacher
01/09/97 Headteacher
Mr Brookes said “I was touched by the fact that governors had not only remembered how long I’ve been here but had also taken the decision to mark the occasion. Having said this, the success of the school is based firmly on teamwork and co-operative values, leaving me in no doubt that the contribution of any one individual is necessarily small, no matter how long they may have been here.”
About why he stays: “ There is honestly nothing else I would rather do and nowhere else I would like to do it. It has been a privilege working with the staff, students and parents of Fulston Manor during the past 30 years and I am looking forward to the years ahead with undimmed enthusiasm. I am really excited about the future of the school and, whilst not anticipating a further 30 years, have no intention of stopping anytime soon.”
“Whilst I don’t think that any of us are quite teaching the grandchildren of former students, we have all taught many of their children and are currently working alongside large numbers of ex-students who have returned to take up roles within the school. This sense of family and of continuity marks out Fulston Manor as a very special place, one in which staff can spend over 30 years secure in the knowledge that this is time well spent and that all of us are part of the continuing development of successive generations of young people (it’s been a lot of fun, too!).”