Design Technology


Option Subject - Category B

Examination Board: AQA

Specification Code: 8552

Why Take This Course?

For the students who enjoy drawing, model making and problem solving, Design Technology is an enormously satisfying course to choose.  As well as the creative elements, a large part of the course is concerned with the theory of manufacturing techniques, ergonomic constraints, the properties of materials and the psychology of marketing.

Design Technology is a multi-disciplinary subject, where students will develop and use English, Mathematics, ICT and Science skills to generate a portfolio of work.

Are you interested in finding out how things are designed and manufactured?

Do you enjoy designing products, modeling prototypes and manufacturing prototypes?

This course offers you the opportunity to develop all of these skills as well as evaluating products currently available to the consumer.

There is an emphasis on designing and manufacturing with different materials, from paper and card, to wood and plastics

You will research marketing, consumer protection, product development and industrial processes and use this information to help you develop viable designs.

Further study could include A Level Product Design.  A range of careers includes: Product Design, Graphic Design, Engineering, Furniture and Architecture, Film Effects, Model Making, Industrial Product Research.


Aim Of The Course

To enable you to combine your design and making skills with knowledge and understanding.
  • To encourage you to consider the implications of technology in the production of products
  • To give you the opportunity to apply skills, knowledge and understanding from other subjects, where appropriate.
  • To develop your design skills through activities which involve a range of design styles, materials and processes and lead to the modelling of products.
  • To give you opportunities to develop practical abilities and the confidence to design, make and modify products and systems for different purposes and selecting and using materials effectively.
  • To develop your critical thinking and enable you to evaluate and identify the needs for design and technology activities.
  • To develop ICT skills to use CAD/CAM during designing and making.

Course Structure And Content

You will develop your Designing and Making skills and your knowledge and understanding of products leading to practical outcomes. You will be given assignments where you design and make products which include activities related to industrial practices.  You will also study how technology affects the manufacturer, user and environment, and the importance of health and safety issues.


Controlled Assessment 50% of marks
A 3-dimensional product and a concise design folder.
Written paper (2 hours) 50% of marks
The design portfolio you develop during year 11 could be used for a college or job interview.

Entry Requirements