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Exam Revision-How can I help?

In order to be successful in examinations students need to know how to revise ‘smart’ using effective strategies. In order to enable you to support your child through this process, Fulston Manor School runs a parental workshop.

The following are ‘quick wins’ which have a large impact:

DO revise a little an often. As little as 20 minutes a night can have a significant impact, particularly in curriculum areas such as Mathematics. Remember Mr Brookes and his banjo!

DO practice past examination questions under timed conditions. All examination boards publish past examination papers, the mark schemes and the examiners reports on their websites.

DON’T start revision too late. It is tempting to begin revision close to the examinations and cram the knowledge in. Modern examinations require you to recall important information and then apply it to a situation. You need to start revising as soon as possible, small chunks at a time.

DO ask for past papers and hand in examination questions to mark. Your teachers will be able to provide feedback on your examination technique.

DO try the Cornell System for revision. Information on how to do this is included in the presentation.

DON’T waste time making your notes and revision look pretty. This wastes time; limit yourself to a maximum of three colours on any piece of work.

DO take short breaks. Every hour – not every 10 minutes!