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Basic Exam Techniques

  • Make sure your equipment is ready in a clear plastic bag/pencil case the night before & in your blazer pocket or school bag.
  • Have something to eat before the exam. The energy boost will help & you won’t be able to concentrate if you are hungry.
  • Make sure you know in advance where you are sitting, and arrive in plenty of time so that you are not flustered.
  • Do not pick up your pen immediately you turn the paper over. You will not need to write anything for a while. Don’t worry if others around you seem to be writing immediately.
  • Read through all the questions. Make sure you know which ones you need to answer.
  • Then pick your pen/pencil up & read through them again this time underlining key words or instructions for example if they ask for TWO examples under line this.
  • Also, using a space at the side of the exam paper, spend a few minutes jotting down any ideas that immediately spring to mind when you read the question – these could be just one word/phrase from your revision. This will help you focus on the other questions because you won’t need to worry about forgetting to include it in your answers – you have already written yourself a very brief reminder. You can cross through these notes when you have completed the question.
  • Always re-read the question & your answer before the end of the exam to ensure you have answered as fully as you have been asked.
  • Make sure you keep an eye on the time throughout; don’t spend more time than you should on any question, as time used there might mean less time to do other questions. You can always go back to a question if you have time at the end.