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  • PSHE takes place on Thursday mornings of week 1 between 09:00 and 09:45.  Students register in their normal vertical tutor groups (08:50), collect their PSHE folders from their tutor and then are sent on to the appropriate room for their PSHE lessons.  The lesson lasts for 45 minutes.  Students then revisit their tutor room to return their folder to the tutor group’s PSHE box. The students then proceed to their period 1 lesson.
  • PSHE takes place in year/house groups..
  • Lastly, some Thursday week 1 lessons have been set aside for students to remain in vertical tutor groups to complete target setting or plan for Activities Week.  Those dates are:

Vertical tutor groups meet for target setting/planning on the following dates: 08/11/2018 and 28/02/2019. House assemblies for activities week are on 27/06/2019 and end of year house assemblies are on 18/07/2019.

Key Stage 3

Year 7

Topics that are covered in Year 7

SRE (Sex and relationship education) :

  • Changes at puberty (physical, emotional and social)
  • Reproduction, conception and pregnancy

Health, emotional health and well being:

  • Feelings on change, coping with change and difficult situations, asking for help (SUMO-beachball)
  • Healthy lifestyles-taking responsibility, decision making (diet, exercise and sleep)
  • Personal strengths, achievements and areas for development

Identity and society:

  • Introduction to school/class (inc. School council)
  • Friendship, different groups and communities

Financial capabilities:

  • Influences on saving and spending money

Year 8

What is covered in Year 8

Sex and Relationship Education (SRE)

  • Contraception
  • Sex and the Law
  • Introduction to sexual health services

Drug Education:

  • Smoking
  • Drugs and the Law
  • Why people take drugs
  • Resisting unhelpful pressure concerning drug taking

Health, emotional health and well being:

  • Bullying (includes racist, homophobic and sexist)
  • First aid

Identity and society

  • Social choices/time management/leisure choices
  • Staying safe in the community (including gangs, violence and knives)

Financial capability:

  • Managing personal money: budgeting, managing risk

Year 9

What is covered in Year 9

Sex and Relationships (SRE)

  • Different types of relationships (including intimate relationships)-SUMO-“Change the T Shirt”
  • Qualities of relationships
  • Exploitation/abuse
  • Negotiation and assertiveness in relationships
  • Sexually transmitted infections

Drugs education:

  • Where to go for help, emergency aid
  • Exploring risk behaviours
  • Alcohol-effects, including behaviours relating to sexual health

Health, emotional health and well being

  • Domestic violence and where to get help
  • Exploring and managing risk
  • Loss and bereavement
  • Mental health-raising awareness

Identity and society:

  • Roles and responsibilities in the family
  • Recognising safe and unsafe situations

Work related learning and careers education:

  • Understanding myself and the influences on me
  • Investigating opportunities in learning and work: careers exploration-SUMO-“Doris Day”
  • Managing change and transition: post-14

Key Stage 4

Year 10

Topics that are covered in Year 10

Sex and Relationships Education (SRE)

  • Sexual health and safer sex-including the effects of alcohol and drug use on sexual behaviours
  • Sex and the Law (recap)
  • Sexual Health Services: information and access
  • Sexuality, sexual relationships and sexual behaviour

Health, emotional health and well being:

  • Healthy lifestyles, personal choice and influences
  • Mental health-coping with difficult times, asking for support
  • Conflict and change
  • Motivation and goals and challenges

Identity and society:

  • Introduction to Key Stage 4
  • Living in a diverse community: roles and relationships
  • Social attitudes to young people (including anti social behaviours)
  • Social rights and responsibilities

Financial capability:

  • Financial decision making
  • Using a range of financial tools, services accessing help and advice
  • Risk and return of savings and investments
  • Social, moral, ethical and environmental consequences of personal financial decisions

Work related learning:

  • Investigating opportunities in learning and work careers exploration WORK EXPERIENCE


Year 11

Topics that are covered in Year 11

SRE/Identity and society

  • Considering parenthood, including teenage pregnancies/parenthood
  • Parenting
  • Leaving home and personal responsibility
  • Safe sexual relationships (including links to domestic violence and exploitation of young people)

Drug Education:

  • Coping with difficult situations (alternatives to drugs)
  • Broader effects of drugs  and alcohol on relationships, long term social and health effects
  • Harm minimisation
  • Drugs and the Law-rights and responsibilities

Health and emotional health and well being:

  • Food messages, body images, eating disorders, media
  • Prejudice, discrimination and harassment (including racist, homophobic and sexist)

Work relating learning and careers education:

  • Understanding myself and the influences on me
  • Managing change and transition: careers management

LGBT issues