Physical Education


Option Subject - Category B

Examination Board: AQA

Specification Code: 8582

Why Take This Course?

This course is ideal for students who can participate in a variety of team and individual sports to a good standard.  It is also highly suited to students who enjoy Science (particularly Biology) and want to study sport with a scientific approach, as the course includes substantial theoretical content.

Students who harbour ambitions to study BTEC National Level 3 in Sport at Sixth Form and a Sport Science related degree in Higher Education would be suitable.

The students who are capable of Grades 4-9 at GCSE level may proceed onto the above BTEC course.

Aim Of The Course

To develop knowledge and understanding of how a healthy, active lifestyle contributes to the growth and development of body systems, and structures, as well as general well-being. 

To develop knowledge and understanding of factors affecting participation and the impact of commercialisation and technology on physical activity and sport.

To give students the opportunity to develop skills relating to performance in physical activity, including:

  • Practical performance.
  • Analysis of performance.

Course Structure And Content

The course is divided into three sections:

Paper 1:
  • The human body and movement in physical activity and sport.
Paper 2:
  • Socio-cultural influences and well-being in physical activity and sport.
Non-exam assessment:
  • Practical performance in physical activity and sport.


Papers 1 and 2 are assessed through an externally set examination.  The examinations are 1 hour and 15 minutes, and include multiple choice, short-answer and extended answer questions.  Papers 1 and 2 are each worth 30% of the total GCSE.

The non-exam assessment is assessed by teachers and moderated by AQA through practical performance in three different physical activities in the role of player/performer (one in a team activity, one in an individual activity and a third in either a team or in an individual activity).   It is also assessed through an analysis and evaluation of performance to bring about improvement in one activity.  The non-exam assessment is 40% of the total GCSE.

Entry Requirements

To be able to participate in a range of sports to a good standard.  A willingness to fully participate in both the theoretical and practical work and full commitment to practising for improvement in sport both in an outside of school.