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School Direct Teacher Training - CASTTA

School Direct Teacher Training

Fulston manor School works alongside other schools as part of the Canterbury and Swale teacher Training Alliance (CASTTA) In this section you can find all the information that you need to make an application to train to be a teacher in Swale. Subjects are on the CASTTA website
Top tips:

  1. Apply early as places go very quickly!
  2. Get Skills tests completed as soon as you can.
  3. Check that you are eligible for the training.
  4. Only apply through UCAS, no CV's to schools will be accepted

The application window opens on the 16th October 2018.

What is School Direct?

The School Direct programme allows schools to recruit and train their own teachers. It gives schools the freedom to:

  • decide who they want to recruit and how
  • decide which subjects they want to train someone in
  • decide in which school phase (i.e. primary, secondary or middle-deemed) they want to train someone
  • employ the teachers they have trained in their school or in a school to which they are linked

School Direct at FMS

School Direct training will be delivered by expert teachers and this will be enhanced by attendance at Canterbury Christchurch University for Core Subject Days.

The level of guidance and advice that trainees receive is of an exceptionally high standard and we pride ourselves in the successful relationships we foster with trainees.
In addition to this you will be part of a strong team of trainees who will meet regularly to train, share experiences and build on good teaching practice.

Why train with us?

School Direct at FMS provides school based learning opportunities with exceptional levels of support and guidance for all our trainees. We create an environment in which staff, pupils and trainee teachers all feel valued and supported and this leads to a school culture of enthusiasm, commitment and achievement.

The partnership of schools that we work with comprises of a mixture of large and small, urban and rural, and both primary and secondary schools. We provide a unique opportunity to experience a diverse and contrasting range of teaching and training. Our Teachers have a proven track record in training and professional development and all our trainees receive the highest level of continual support throughout their training. This covers all aspects of teaching life from behaviour management skills, subject knowledge, professional enrichment, AEN, inclusion and pastoral care. All trainees have the opportunity to work closely with an experienced mentor and will become part of the school ethos from the first day of entry.

School Direct at FMS works in partnership with Canterbury Christchurch University and students can either work towards Qualified Teacher Status or to Postgraduate level

How to apply

Applications for placements starting in September 2019 will be available on the UCAS website from 16th October 2018.
Please note that applications have to be made through the UCAS website. Do not try to apply directly to partner schools:

UCAS Teacher Training How it all Works

UCAS Teacher Training How to Apply



Applications for September 2019 will be open on UCAS from 16th October.

Applications must be made through the UCAS system. DO NOT apply directly to any schools offering School Direct or School Direct (Salaried) placements.

UCAS Teacher Training How to Apply

The salary amounts for School Direct Salaried is dependent on the school you are in and the subject you will be training to teach in. 


The amount you will earn on a School Direct Salaried route is dependent on the school you are in and the subject you are teaching. 

School Direct Bursaries and Scholarships (For Non-Salaried Placements):

Institute of Physics Teacher Training Scholarship Programme

Institute of Mathematics Teacher Training Scholarships

Royal Society of Chemistry - Teacher Training Scholarships

British Academy of Computing - Teacher Training Scholarships