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We did it again! Our students are fantastic and raised a huge amount of money!


Annually the 6th form raises money for a Charity called Lepra.  It is a UK-registered international charity focusing on people who are themselves trapped at the intersection of disease, poverty and prejudice. They help them to improve their health, lives and livelihoods by opening up avenues of knowledge and facilities to diagnosis and care before they are pushed further into poverty. Just £25 can buy medicine to save a life. 


On Friday the 9th of November 2018 150 Students and 24 staff took part in an all-night 'StayAwake', this means staying in school from 7pm until 7am the next morning. 


During the night there was a variety of activities to keep the students awake, this included an energetic Zumba workout, which Lepra kindly organised to support our event; a quiz game show in the early hours run by a very enthusiastic Mr Westby; Mrs Crawford again ran a very successful ‘Bake-Off’ competition demonstrating a wide variety of creative bakes; Mr Patey showed tremendous endurance refereeing the 5-a-side football match, whilst Miss Davies led a fast-paced 2am Bench ball and netball competition; Mr Rayfield and Mrs Relf continued to dazzle us with their wonderful artistic flairs by applying glitter to the majority of the 6th form faces throughout the night; The highlight of the night was the silent disco which has an array of different genres of music including some very cheesy tunes.


All students have been amazing raising funds far beyond our expectations, one particular student, Harry Hubbard, raising £130.  This year was our most amazing year to date, raising an astounding £6,000. 


Thank you to everyone that contributed towards this event