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Student Staff Profiles

Each month students at FMS are creating staff profiles in order to learn more about their teachers and other members of staff within our school community. 

Mr Hadler - Interviewed by Ioannis Gayle

Fulston Manor School are starting to do a staff profile every month on all different adults/staff in school to find out more about them. Our first staff member is Mr Hadler, I asked him various questions to find out more about him.  

I have a range of questions to ask staff each month. 

  1. Was teaching your first career choice or did you have a previous career? 
  1. When you’re not teaching what do you do in your spare time to look after your well-being? 
  1. What do you love about Fulston? 
  1. What's your biggest achievement? 
  1. What has been your favourite Fulston memory so far? 

These were Mr Hadler’s answers...

Q1. Because the building trade was exposed to a financial crisis, working on a building site for many years and then having to be told that news was devastating. Later on, Mr Hadler found himself working at Fulston Manor alongside many talented adults who teach students to a great standard. He currently teaches Maths to many students, one being myself - how lucky I am! 

Q2. Watching football on weekends and going for runs with his friends. Mr Hadler speaks highly of his football team ‘Tottenham Hotspur’ even though they haven't won a trophy in a very long time. But, looking at their recent games is it their lucky year? He also mentioned that he likes running; he completes 5 – 10k runs weekly, but that’s only if he can be bothered to use those legs and stop watching football. 

Q3. Even though having many answers to this question, his top ones were; it’s a sense of community and it is diverse. I totally agree with this answer that everyone is welcomed in our School. As our motto says “Everybody matters, everybody succeeds, everybody helps”. This comes under community and diversity and many other topics. 

Q4. His answer to this was being a father to his 3 wonderful children. 

The final question I asked Mr Hadler was, what has been your favourite Fulston memory so far? 

Q5. Singing to Mr Brooks on his last day as Headteacher. The song he sang was My Way by Frank Sinatra. Sadly, I wasn’t there to witness the awful vocals from Mr Hadler - I would have been laughing too much!

The song goes “And now the end is near, and so I face the final curtain. My friend, I'll say it clear...”