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Fulston Manor School

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What will my child learn in Year 11?

Term 1

School, Future Study, Part-Time Jobs, Future Jobs and Employment 

  • Revision – school life
  • Describing school activities and clubs
  • Discussing future educational plans
  • Discussing Healthy and unhealthy living
  • Talking about jobs and work preferences

Term 2

Part-Time Jobs, Future Jobs, Employment and World Issues

  • Talking about future plans, hopes and wishes
  • Describing part-time jobs
  • Discussing work experience
  • Discussing weather and natural disasters

Term 3

World Issues

  • Talking about protecting the environment
  • Discussing ethical shopping
  • Talking about volunteering and charitable work
  • Discussing big events and festivals

Term 4

Revision and Preparation for GCSE Exams

Term 5

GCSE Exams 

Term 6