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What will my child learn in year 10?

Term 1

  • Developing knowledge and understanding of using a camera.

  • Developing contextual and analytical skills.

  • Experimentation in new and old processes (digital and traditional).

  • Working on Portraiture and still life project.

Term 2

  • Learning about traditional techniques and experimenting.
  • Development of knowledge for digital image manipulation.
  • Research and plan for Abstraction project

Term 3

  • Students to develop from ‘multiple images’ into 1 of 7 starting points.
  • Develop independent research skills.
  • Plan and organise independent shoots.

Term 4

PPE Paper issued.

  • Develop design ideas and complete 5 hour PPE.

Term 5

  • Allow students to move into their own direction for project.

Term 6

  • Start main component unit from the selection of starting points