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What will my child learn in year 12?

Term 1

Tectonic Processes and Hazards/Globalisation

  • Examining why some places are more at risk from tectonic hazards/Examining the causes of globalisation.
  • Investigating why some tectonic hazards develop into disasters/Outlining the impacts of globalisation.
  • Evaluating the success of tectonic hazards and disasters/Assessing the consequences of globalisation.

Term 2

Coastal Landscapes and Change/Regenerating Places

  • Examining why coastal landscapes and processes are different/ Investigating how and why places vary (Sittingbourne vs Stratford)
  • Investigating how characteristic coastal landforms contribute to coastal landscapes/ Evaluating why regeneration might be needed.
  • Evaluating how coastal erosion and sea level change alter the physical characteristics of coasts/Outlining how regeneration is managed.
  • Assessing how coastlines can be managed to meet the needs of all players/Assessing the success of regeneration.

Term 3

Coastal landscapes/Regenerating Places continued.

Term 4

Fieldwork Focus for  Coasts/Regenerating Places

  • Planning and conducting the fieldwork investigation.
  • Suggesting potential errors in fieldwork methodology and methods for addressing these errors in the field.

Term 5

NEA preparation and write-up

  • Extracting information from fieldwork activities and examining patterns in the data gathered.
  • Beginning to write introductions and methodologies for the NEA.

Term 6

NEA write-up continued

  • Creating data presentation for the results of fieldwork.
  • Analysing the patterns suggested from the fieldwork results.