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What will my child learn in year 7?

Term 1

  • To generate ideas by collecting and using information.
  • To communicate ideas through modelling
  • To reflect on designs as they develop

Term 2

  • To communicate ideas through sketching
  • To design with given constraints
  • To design and manufacture high quality products

Term 3

  • Recognise that designs have to meet a range of different ideas.
  • Other peoples’ opinions need to be considered when designing products.
  • To give students knowledge and understanding of CAD and CAM.

Term 4

  • To give students an understanding of Acrylic
  • Practice using workshop hand tools
  • To design and manufacture high quality products

Term 5

  • Develop Testing and Evaluation skills
  • Develop Peer Assessment skills
  • Develop Self-Assessment skills
  • Develop examination technique (KS3 examination)

Term 6

  • Develop drawing board / ruler skills
  • Understand isometric and third angle projection
  • Practice using measurement