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Fulston Manor School

Fulston Manor School A Fulston Manor Academies Trust School

What will my child learn in year 7?

Term 1

  • Choreography for Live Performance: Learn how to choreography a Dance to a theme.
  • Choreography for Live Performance: Perform a Choreographed routine to the class with a range of Dance skills.
  • Choreography for Live Performance: Evaluate Choreography.

Term 2

  • Keyboard Skills: Learn to play simple unaccompanied melodies from music using the correct fingering.
  • Keyboard Skills: Play simple melodies which has the pitch written on the music and perform to a rhythmic accompaniment on the keyboard.

Term 3

  • Children’s Theatre: understanding Grimm Tales and storytelling conventions
  • Children’s Theatre: development of Grimm Tales script in rehearsal
  • Children’s Theatre: performance of Grimm Tales script

Term 4

  • Live Music Performance Review: Evaluating the work of professional practitioners.
  • Live Music Performance Review: Application of Musical Terminology in assessing the aesthetic value of a performance.

Term 5

  • Physical Theatre and Masks in Performance: understanding stylistic conventions and skills
  • Physical Theatre and Masks in Performance: development of techniques and skills in rehearsal
  • Physical Theatre and Masks in Performance: performance of devised piece in groups.

Term 6

  • Singing Techniques for Performers: Know effective vocal technique through a structured practice routine.
  • Singing Techniques for Performers: Be able to apply effective vocal technique in ensemble performance.