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What will my child learn in year 8?

Term 1
  • Storytelling for Performance: understanding the art of storytelling through theatrical skills
  • Storytelling for Performance: development of skills through scripted work
  • Storytelling for Performance: performance and evaluation
Term 2
  • Keyboard Skills: Learn to play simple unaccompanied melodies from music using the correct fingering.
  • Keyboard Skills: Play simple melodies which has the pitch written on the music and perform to a rhythmic accompaniment on the keyboard.
Term 3
  • Greek Theatre: Understanding Greek Theatre background and stylistic conventions
  • Greek Theatre: Development of Greek Theatre myth performance
  • Greek Theatre: Performance of Greek Theatre myth and evaluation
Term 4
  • World Music: Learn that improvisation is a feature of a range of musical traditions, styles and genres
  • World Music: Learn how improvisation can be supported by different musical structures and frameworks
  • World Music: Learn how to improvise in different ways, drawing on features of different musical styles
Term 5
  • Film & Theatre: Exploring the evolution of film and theatre
  • Film & Theatre: Understanding job roles in film & theatre
  • Film & Theatre: Performances of extracts from film & theatre and evaluation
Term 6
  • Programme Music: Explore the instruments of the Orchestra
  • Programme Music: Explore the Music of Saint-Saens though 'Carnival of the Animals'  
  • Programme Music: Develop an understanding of composing and performing programme music