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What will my child learn in Year 9?

Term 1

Who am I?

  • Revision - family and describing people
  • Revision – places in town, activities and time
  • Talking about friends and what makes a good friend using regular verbs in present tense
  • Describing family relationships using reflexive verbs in present tense

Term 2

Who am I?

  • Making arrangements to go out using near future tense
  • Describing a day out using the perfect tense
  • Describing life when you were younger using the imperfect tense
  • Discussing role models using present & perfect tenses

Term 3

Leisure Time

  • Using jouer and faire (to play/to do)
  • Why learn French?
  • Describing cinema and films

Term 4

Leisure Time

  • Talking about using technology using irregular verbs in present tense
  • Discussing reading habits and music using negatives

Term 5

Leisure Time

  • Discussing sport using “depuis” (since).
  • Describing and comparing types of television programmes.
  • Using comparisons

Term 6


  • Describing holidays using 3 tenses
  • Describing the weather and using ‘si/quand’
  • Talking about food and drink using 3 tenses
  • Describing clothes
  • Cultural lessons