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Fulston Manor School

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Year 11

Key Stage 4 homework is set according to the options that students take, this can be worked out by looking at the prefix letter next their class name on their timetables (e.g. 11D – would indicate option block D). Fulston Manor recognises that those students not engaged with out of school learning are at a disadvantage to those who are engaged, therefore we will be actively seeking to support all students in recognising the benefits that completing homework has. If you feel that the school can further support your son / daughter, please contact Mrs L Hay or the Head of their House.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Option C (1 Hr) Science (2 Hrs) English (2 Hrs) Option A (1 Hr) Mathematics (2 Hrs) 
Option D (1 Hr)   Option B (1 Hr)    
  • Mathematics, Science and English homework will be set only once per week but it should be aimed to last at least two hours per subject per week shown in brackets above
  • Homework for other subjects should be aimed to last at least one hour per week shown in brackets above
  • Students must have a maximum of 1 week to complete homework tasks
  • Details of homework will be published on ClassCharts, students should be encouraged to submit work by  uploading it for feedback
  • Any incomplete or not submitted homework tasks should be logged as negative memos on the ClassCharts
  • Any high quality homework tasks should be logged as positive memos on the ClassCharts