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Summertime And The Living Is Easy

“Summertime and the living is easy”, or at least that is what the Gershwin song would have us believe. However, whether or not the fish are jumping and whatever height the cotton may be, the first half of the summer term in secondary schools is not a time exclusively devoted to rest and relaxation, certainly not for those facing major public examinations. The next few weeks will see several hundred students taking part in an examination programme the outcomes of which will shape their future lives.

Whilst it would be good to think that all the work had already been completed and all that is needed now involves a gentle revisiting of revision notes and brushing up on examination technique, the reality is that there will be much still to do and every opportunity to improve grades through structured programmes of study. Successful students are organised students; clear day by day plans that encompass the time between now and the end of the examinations are vital. Whilst these should build in periods of relaxation and reflection, there should be an unwavering focus on the grades that are looked for in August and what is needed to secure these results over the coming weeks.

Everyone within the school community is committed to offering the support that will be needed at this important time and, whilst wishing good luck to all candidates, appreciates that relying on fortune to bring about success is not a recommended strategy. Despite many other claimants, I believe it was Sam Goldwyn who first said, “The harder I work, the luckier I get”; let us hope that all of our students facing the imminent examinations understand this link and put their faith in their own efforts rather than in lucky charms and irrational optimism.