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Students Wake Up To Lepra

For the past 20 years 6th Form students from Fulston Manor School have run a Stayawake night between the hours of 7.00pm and 7.00am in aid of LEPRA. This year was no different with 130 students and 17 staff volunteering their time last Friday. The 6th Form Committee organised a variety of events designed to keep everyone awake. Activities included a thrilling 5-a-side football tournament, board games, a mini rave, karaoke and some amazing face painting creations.

Last Fridays event raised £3500 bringing the total of donations to LEPRA to well over £50,000 since the school chose this worthy charity to support. Fulston Manor School has raised the most amount of money for LEPRA than any other school in the UK – something they are very proud of. Miss Tidman, the teacher who organised this year’s event, said, “Leprosy is one of the world’s oldest diseases yet millions of people are still affected worldwide. It is so wonderful to see so many of our school community taking part in this annual event. Although we have fun during our 12 hour stint we are all very aware of the seriousness of this disease and the fact that just £25 can save a life”.

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Students Read For Charity

Readathon provides a great opportunity for students to help others through reading so everyone’s a winner! Year 7 students were invited to take part and shown the Readathon website which told them more about the causes it supports and the wonderful Storymaker game.

Other keen readers got involved as well, including staff member Mrs Osoba who did Readathon with a new slant,  “When I learnt that Y7 were again being challenged to read as many books as they could and be sponsored to raise money that would be divided between charities that encourage children to read, I felt compelled to get involved. Within the first few days I challenged my friend to sponsor me, with a slight twist - they had to recommend a book for me to read and discuss with them. I was able to see a different side to my acquaintances as we opened up various discussions on books, genres and what interests them. I was amazed at the varied reading material and how hungry for books some of my friends were. I thoroughly enjoyed this challenge, as I not only felt good about giving money towards charities that would continue to champion reading for children that may not get the opportunities I have, but I spend happy hours talking about one of my favourite passions with others. “

Further feedback included Year 7 student Mia who thanked us for giving her the opportunity to get involved, and a parent, Mrs Ward, who said, “As a parent, I thought that the Readathon was a brilliant idea. My daughter is a reluctant reader but when issued with the challenge to read books to raise money for charity she managed to read 3 books in 2 weeks, which is a real achievement for her. I believe that anything that gets children reading is a great idea and the Readathon was a really fun way to do this.”

In the end we raised £380 which will be sent to Readathon  for them to help sick children. Many thanks to all students and parents who helped to raise this money.