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Fulston Manor School

Fulston Manor School A Fulston Manor Academies Trust School

Sixth Form External Application Form

This Sixth Form External Application Form must be completed and submitted by Friday 7th June 2024.

We are legally obliged to collect personal information about parents, carers and students. The Children’s Act 1989 requires us to keep up-to-date details of all people who have parental responsibility for our students.

These include:

1. Parents and carers (whether married or unmarried) who live together.

2. Step-parents or other legal guardians who have obtained parental responsibility either by court order, by appointment in writing by a person with parental responsibility or by a will.

3. The unmarried father (if granted parental responsibility by a court order or by a formal written agreement with the mother).

4. Divorced or separated parents and carers.

5. The Local Authority Social Services Department, which may share parental responsibility with the child’s natural parents by virtue of an order made at court (a care order or similar).

The act also requires that we keep up-to-date details of any court order made under section 8 of the act in respect of our students. These orders include Residence Orders, Contact Orders, Prohibited Steps Orders and Specific Issues Orders. You will only be aware of such an order if it relates to your child.

The act requires that all who have parental responsibility should have equal access to school reports and be involved, if they so wish, in all normal decision-making regarding a student’s education.

We are required to obtain and hold all of the information requested in this form by the Department of Education. You may be assured that all information received will be treated in a confidential manner. If you would like to know more about how we use personal data, please refer to our Privacy Notice published on our website.

Please note that where a sections is marked with a red * this information is essential and the form cannot be submitted if it is missing.

Student Details


* Please note that all students, whilst at Fulston Manor Sixth Form, will be known by their legal surname and legal forename, in accordance with the requirements of the examination boards.

If you have any queries regarding this, please contact our Sixth Form Team on (01795) 412623 or via email at [email protected].