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Fulston Manor School

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Any Book, Any Time, Any Where. Charlotte Is An Avid Book Worm.

Year 11 student, Charlotte Saunders, has a huge passion for reading. 

Year 11 student, Charlotte Saunders, has a huge passion for reading. Getting through at least three novels a month she has little time to enjoy any other hobby. Charlotte attends the Creative Writing Club with Mrs Doughty every week and regularly has short stories or poems published – 2019 saw six Publishers taking advantage of Charlotte’s writing skills. Last weekend, Saturday 11th January, Charlotte and her Mum travelled to the Young Writers Awards to listen to David Walliams share his experiences of starting off as a world selling author. Charlotte said he was her idol and such a lovely, funny man. However, the Hales House student, admitted that her favourite author is Jaqueline Wilson. English teacher, Mrs Doughty, said “Charlotte has contributed to the school newspaper and she is a very eager writer.  She’s always writing stories and bringing them in to show me. She is a very conscientious writer and does seem to write loads in lesson too – her hand writing is lovely”. We look forward to watching where Charlotte’s writing career takes her. In the meantime, here is a small snippet of what Charlotte produces……

All Allison wanted to do was follow in her mother’s footsteps in getting into the Brooklyn Academy for Music but, after getting attacked by a strange shadow, Allison started seeing things – things that should only be happening in nightmares and she takes a turn for the worse when she bumps into Derek, a raven haired boy, in a deathly grey shirt and jacket, and soon discovers only she can see him.

With the help of Derek, Allison shockingly learns a dark truth about her past and must stop the dark Angels of Hell before they destroy her world.

Is she ready for it?