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Fulston Manor School

Fulston Manor School A Fulston Manor Academies Trust School

LGBT+ History Month

Pupils marked the end of this year’s LGBT+ History Month with an exhibition to showcase the work of Art, Photography and Textiles students.

The exhibition, which focused on themes and issues related to the LGBT+ community featured a range of powerful pieces of art, photography and textiles, including work contributed by past and present FMS students; some of those were Elly Resch, Lucas Whitehead, Kiera Choak-Perriam, Alesha Peers and Robyn Harvey.

Photography teacher, Ms Taylor, said: “What was so inspiring about the exhibition was that it did not just include the work of individual artists, but also gave us an opportunity to showcase a collaborative project created over the course of a number of weeks by LGBT+ students and straight allies from across the school. It was so heartening to see students coming together in this way, and to see pupils so keen to support their friends.”

It has been an exciting and busy month and as we conclude marking LGBT+ History Month we must remember how vital it is we increase the awareness and importance of celebrating difference, and remembering to give recognition and respect - acknowledging, valuing, encouraging, empowering and forever celebrating our differences.