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New And Exciting Computing Club For 6th Formers

A new and exciting club, purely for students within the 6th Form bubble has been created this term.

6th Form Extra Curricular — The Computing Club

A new and exciting club, purely for students within the 6th Form bubble has been created this term. The Computing Club is focused on the use of Space technology, robotics and space related computer systems.

Planning for the new club started in April 2020 in the Computing Department, for us to share hard-won knowledge and useful software previously given by the National STEM Centre and the European Space Agency’s Education Resource Office in the UK. The club is a place for hobbyists to unite, to help each other with programming and configuration and the use of microprocessor hardware and open source software. Members collaborate and provide free technical support to each other. The club continues to provide "real life" opportunities for learning from the shared experience of the members and in future will provide a newsletter, and a guest speaker at the group meetings. The club aims to provide the following services: 

· periodic meetings on the projects

· affiliation to conference 

· guest speaker

· a focus for external researchers 

· a newsletter link

· use of a library of specialist media and tools 

· use of a specialist software archive  

· an online presence on our websites with links to other academics

· technical support to peers 

· Code Club Development

The club is currently organised around specialist hardware from Raspberry Pi, BBC MicroBit and Arduino. Current projects include: the development of scientific experiments to use for the remote teaching and learning of science in the science department; The development of a prototype Mars robot; the building of a retro gaming system and Space game; the redevelopment of satellite systems; and a testing system. The group also have a marketing team consisting of sixth form students who are interested in Space Exploration and Space Technology who meet regularly every Tuesday at 3pm to discuss the use of computers, share knowledge and experience, read hardware manufacturer guides and software publishers, and hold activities related to developing systems for Space. They will host special interest workgroups on Space Sensor Systems for Planetary Landers. Students meet both virtually and in the makerspace in room B9.

If you are in the 6th Form, are interested in this club and would like to find out more then please contact Mr Snyder on [email protected]