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NHS Work Experience Beckons For Ellie-May

Ellie-May Langley, a Year 10 student , decided that she should be very pro-active and organised some Work Experience with the NHS during lockdown. Ellie-May requested and was accepted on to, the NHS online Work Experience Course. Ellie-May said “One of the reasons I applied for the Work Experience was because of my interest in a medical career. I have wanted to do something in the medical/nursing industry for a while now, but I've never really been sure what specifically I wanted to do; so I feel like by doing this I can pinpoint what specifically I may want to get into doing. Also, quite a few members of my family also went into medical and nursing careers like my Nan, Linda, who was a pharmacist assistant, and my Grandma Jane, who was a nurse. I remember when I was younger, and still today, they would tell me lots of stories of what it was like to do the job they did and I'm definitely very inspired by them. My career goals I'm still not completely sure on but working in a hospital or specialising In medicine has always appealed to me”. 

Ellie-May continued “I found the work experience interesting and it gave me such a good insight on the paths I could take within nursing. I personally think the NHS have coped extremely well under the circumstances, I spoke with a nurse who said that their team had to come together quickly in order to successfully deal with the Covid ward. She said due to Covid there was a significant increase in the amount of hospital admissions (as you could imagine). She said at first it was quite scary as she was put in a completely new situation that she had to adapt to quickly and she has to learn new skills specifically. The thing that got her through the rough times was the very good teamwork her team displayed as they all had a positive mindset to what was happening around them. I admire what the nurses went through as it seemed difficult but they got through it with positivity”.