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Do We Have A Future Famous Person Living Amongst Us?

Cromer student Emmie Clarke has recently had her hopes of fame and fortune soar to levels way above her imagination. Having recently travelled to Finsbury Town Hall, Emmie was auditioning to win a place in the Pre Elite squad for the Spirit Young Performers Company. Following a tough audition where Emmie was asked to dance and sing and then go through and intensive interview she was thrilled to receive and email from Jen Clarke of SYPC who said “Thank you for your display of dedication, professionalism and commitment. I am delighted to inform you that your audition was successful”. Jen then continued to explain that Emmie had been awarded a place in the actual Elite group “Huge congratulations Emmie. It is extremely rare to be invited into an Elite team straight from an audition, so this is a huge accomplishment indeed”.

It is fair to say that when Emmie found out she was nothing short of elated and said “I am so excited. Being in the Elite group means that the training is faster paced and we will learn new skills in just one day. I have also been offered a place in the choir and I am super excited about that too!”.

Emmie would love to be given the chance to perform in Billy Elliott, her favourite musical, but also has her sights set on TV work as acting is her passion. She is a keen Netflix addict and loves the film Tick, Tick... Boom! and the wonderful series After Life.

Mrs Palmer said “Emmie certainly has the drive and determination to succeed and her Fulston Family will be watching where her career takes her. I’m pretty certain the West End is calling, and she will be on stage soon”.