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Fulston Manor School

Fulston Manor School A Fulston Manor Academies Trust School

Harrison Homes Donate a Laptop to the Fulston Family!

Mr Rayfield and Mrs Palmer were delighted when they went to visit Harrisons Homes in Sittingbourne to discuss an exciting new project coming up.

Whilst there they were presented with a new laptop for their students donated through the Computers for Schools scheme. Director of Harrisons, Chris Ellis, said “With the recent teacher strikes, we are all aware of how underfunded many of our schools are currently and how they are having to make tough budgeting choices. Teaching Information Technology is part of the National Curriculum, yet many schools are forced to teach it with old or limited equipment. Computers for Schools wants to change this by providing new equipment to every school in the UK.

We donate £10 to the Computers for Schools scheme for every sale that we complete. We want to provide laptops to as many schools across the whole of Swale as we can. We have four more laptops waiting to be allocated to schools.

We have changed the way you can nominate a school to receive one this year. We ask people to nominate a school in the ME9, 10 , 11, 12 and 13 postcodes. The top four schools will receive a laptop over the next term. As we raise more for the scheme and get new laptops we will continue to work our way down the list of nominated schools, giving every nominated school a chance to receive one”.

Mrs Palmer said “we really do have an exciting project in the planning stage at the moment and so our meeting had been really productive. When Chris and Ryan then presented us with a brand-new laptop we were somewhat lost for words. This is such a generous donation, and we cannot thank Chris and his team enough. Every school in Swale is able to be nominated so I would suggest everyone signs up – it costs nothing to do and will benefit the students immensely”

To nominate a school simply click on the link below and cast your vote:

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