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Year 12 History Trip to Canterbury Cathedral

Year 12 History trip to Canterbury Cathedral, written by Esme... 

"On the 20th of November we, as a History class, travelled to Canterbury to explore its Cathedral and the rich history connected to it. We went there as we are currently learning about Henry II  and in particular his clash with Thomas Becket. The cathedral itself is whimsical and extremely elegant with its towering arches and impressive stained-glass windows that project a multitude of colours; we learnt something of this Gothic architecture during our tour. Whilst walking through the cathedral, our guide spoke to us about the events surrounding the murder of Thomas Becket and the reported miracles afterwards which are portrayed in the famous Miracle Windows. With each step we took, a new story of history unfolded in the place where we stood.

After touring the cathedral, we were allowed to visit the Archives, with documents going back a thousand years.  We focused on those around our time period of the 12th century. It was amazing to see the actual manuscripts themselves, having learnt about them in class.

Overall, it was a mesmerising experience and a great opportunity to see where the history that we are learning about is set".