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Fulston Manor School

Fulston Manor School A Fulston Manor Academies Trust School

Heroes Of The Hour

Year 10 students Billy Wills and Jade Buddle are modern day hero's.

Year 10 students Billy Wills and Jade Buddle are modern day heroes. Walking home from school on Friday 9th December they came across what they first thought was a bin bag dumped on the pavement. As they got closer Billy knew that it was a gentleman and, wanting to protect Jade, sent her off in the other direction to find out the name of a road close by. After checking for vital signs he was relieved to find the man conscious and breathing although he had fallen on to his face and was incoherent. Billy called the ambulance and checked his patients wallet for identification. It was then that he discovered that the man was suffering from dementia which accounted for his communication problems. Billy telephoned the man's wife who said that he had been out for a couple of hours and was getting worried. Billy made him as comfortable as possible, putting clothing under his head and taking his own coat off to cover the man and keep him warm. The paramedics took 25 minutes to come and both Billy and Jade were more than happy to see them! Billy has had no first aid training and said that it was pure instinct to help the man and do right by him. The first Fulston knew about this drama was when Mr Brookes received an email from a teacher from Highstead who had offered his help and just couldn't praise Billy and Jade enough for their ' truly outstanding resilience'. Mr Brookes said, "I am extremely proud of the actions of Billy and Jade. As a school we seek to develop our students into responsible young men and women and it is therefore gratifying to hear of actions such as this".