Where Are They Now - Ryan Todd

Ryan Todd left Fulston in 2014 to go to Canterbury College and undertake a sports related course but he was always interested in the idea of an army career in the USA. He travelled to the USA in late summer 2016 to pursue his desire to become a soldier and underwent a series of interviews and tests - fitness, educational and psychological. This was to ensure he had what the army was looking for and, after satisfying all the required criteria for service in the military, he officially enlisted as an American soldier in late September.  

After 13 weeks of basic training at Fort Jackson, South Carolina, on October 25th 2016 he successfully graduated on January 26th 2017. He is now stationed at Fort Lee, West Virginia, where he'll begin his course in becoming an army mechanic, working on repairing Jeeps and trucks. Ryan has dual citizenship as his mother is American so he easily satisfied the Nationality criteria. He has always loved the USA and went there several times for holidays as a youngster. Ryan is combining his desire to be a soldier with living in the USA and has extended family there ( Grandmother, aunts, uncle and several cousins ) so has a support network on both sides of the Atlantic.