Where Are They Now - Tom Lake

Nǔlì gōngzuò, shuō shì de, hàoqí
Work Hard, Say Yes, Be Curious

Tom Lake left Fulston Manor School in 2010 and joined the Doreen Bird College of Dance, Music and Theatre Performance, commonly known as Bird College. Following his drama based course he worked as an Assistant Stage Manager at the Finborough Theatre and The Tristan Bates. Tom also directed plays for The London Design Festival and The Drayton Arms.

His next adventure took him to America where he worked in an American Summer Camp which he recommends EVERY person tries to do before embarking on employment or University as the experience was phenomenal.

At the age of 22 Toms travels took him to the other side of the world, namely China where he secured a job teaching English and Drama in Beijing and where he currently resides. Tom says “Living in China is fantastic. It's convenient, fast-paced, progressive, exciting, and the food is delicious, healthy, and cheap! There were a few culture shocks to begin with like the smog and the busy streets but you learn to live with certain things. The people are friendly and welcoming. There's never a dull day living here. Always growing, learning, progressing in something. Right now I fill my spare time with reading, Design workshops, Boxing, and Chinese classes. I have my third Chinese exam this year and I'm taking part in the Spartan Race in June”.

Not one to rest during holidays Tom has travelled to the West Coast of Australia, Tunisia then into the Sahara, the East Coast of America, New York, Boston etc, Xi'an, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hainan and Hong Kong, Japan, Thailand, Malaysia and South Korea. Next on the list...India & Cuba!!!

Tom mentioned that he will probably move away from Beijing next year to another Chinese City, maybe Chengdu, which is more tropical. Maybe somewhere where it's warmer in the winter and less polluted. His parting words of knowledge were rather profound, “You really make your own fortune by working hard, saying yes, and being curious! I'd recommend any student to watch Tim Minchin's Rules for Graduates on YouTube. It has really helped me in the past...”