Students Speak Up

On Wednesday 8th March, Collingwood Learning Theatre Company, appointed by the Kent County Council, visited students to perform ‘Speak Up’.  The programme was developed specifically for Year 12 and 13 students to deliver a ground-breaking road safety education performance. The hard-hitting theatre presentation and workshop programme aims to reduce the number of young people involved in road traffic crashes.

Students looked at the causes of risky behaviour such as distraction, alcohol, and peer pressure together with the consequences and they learnt coping strategies for influencing others positively such as family & friends, now and in the future. 6th Form student Shakillah said “It was a real eye opener and scared me. As a new driver it made me more aware of the dangers out there!”. Miss Davies commented “The students were fantastic throughout and took on board the importance of the information being delivered.  It was brilliant that we were been able to provide an opportunity to educate our students on road safety and strongly believe that this message will go some way to improving the safety of our students”.