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Fulston Manor School

Fulston Manor School A Fulston Manor Academies Trust School


At Fulston, assemblies have been developed to encourage everybody, irrespective of their faith or culture, to reflect upon our Fulston Family Values by which we conduct ourselves every day. Assemblies take place each week on designated mornings and consist of in-house, year-group and Whole School Assemblies.

Our assemblies provide opportunities for teachers and students to discuss subjects that have an impact on behaviour, safeguarding, well-being and tolerance, along with supporting spiritual, moral, social and cultural development. Assemblies are also used to embed the teaching of our fundamental British Values.  

Our assembly programme aims to: 

  • Provide an opportunity for thought, reflection or celebration in a caring atmosphere.
  • Create a sense of school identity and of belonging to a school community and a family, which shares common experiences.
  • Encompass all aspects of school life, and all curriculum areas, as well as reflecting our ethos and values.
  • Demonstrate that we are members of a wider community, both locally and globally.
  • Encourage care and concern for others in our society and the natural world.
  • Promote mutual respect and tolerance of those with different beliefs and faiths as well as deliver clear guidance on what is right and wrong.
What topics are covered in our assemblies? 

Some of the topics we cover throughout the year in our in-house, year-group and whole-school assemblies include:

  • Respect for ourselves
  • Respect for others
  • Respect for public service
  • Expectation – importance of rules
  • Wellbeing
  • Taking responsibility for yourself
  • Taking responsibility for your own actions
  • Importance of Internet Safety
  • Combating Bullying
  • Tolerance
  • Why equality is important
  • Understanding consequences
  • Using initiative and creativity
  • Appreciation of others
  • How to make a positive contribution to school
  • How to make a positive contribution to our community
  • Supporting charity
  • Esteem and confidence
  • Respect your own culture/different cultures and beliefs
  • Accept other people's opinions/beliefs
  • Combat discrimination
  • Importance of taking part in extra-curricular clubs and activities or volunteering
  • Importance of social skills
  • Preparation for work life
  • History of voting
  • Remembrance Day
  • What is Mental Health?
  • Different Careers  
Will I ever take part in an assembly?

In-house assemblies take place each week. During this time you will come together with the rest of your tutor group and house, usually in your house area. Each tutor group will have the opportunity to deliver an assembly, where you will work as a team, with the rest of your tutor group to produce and deliver an assembly to your house on a specific topic.