Certificate In Digital Applications

Pearson Level 2 Certificate: Equivalent to one GCSE

Option Subject - Category B

Examination Board: Edexcel

Specification Code: 600/6627/1Edexcel

Why Take This Course?

The UK is a world leader in the creative digital industries, such as in the creation of visual effects for films and computer games. However, there is growing recognition that we need to build on and improve the UK’s capability and capacity for technical innovation and creativity in this area.

The Pearson Edexcel Level 2 Certificate in Digital Applications has been designed to engage and enthuse young people with an interest in creative computing, for example digital graphics and animations, interactive multimedia products and computer games. 

Aim Of The Course

This qualification aims to:

  • equip young people with the knowledge, understanding and skills they need to design and make effective digital products for others to use;
  • enable young people to use digital tools as a means of expression to inform, persuade and entertain;
  • foster young people’s creativity and develop their independent learning skills;
  • challenge young people to reflect on what they produce and strive for excellence;
  • increase young people’s awareness of their responsibilities in the digital world and their respect of other people’s rights;
  • equip young people with professional, real-world skills in planning, project management and communication;
  • give young people the knowledge, understanding and skills they need to support future learning and exploit the creative digital industries.

Course Structure And Content

The course offers a blend of theoretical study and experience of the creative and technology environment.  The course consists of a compulsory unit in developing web products and one optional units.  Optional units are designed to provide a focus to the qualification and give more specialist opportunities in the sector.

The course is equivalent to one GCSE and is structured as follows:

Pearson Edexcel Level 2 Certificate in Digital Applications (CiDA)
Unit Core Units Assessment Method Guided Learning Hours
1 Developing web products Practical examination 30
Unit Optional Specialist Assessment Method Guided Learning Hours
2 Creative Multimedia Summative Project 90
3 Artwork and Imagin Summative Project 90
4 Game Making Summative Project 90

Assessment Objectives

There are four Assessment Objectives (AOs). These detail the knowledge, skills and understanding that students are required to demonstrate.
Students are required to demonstrate practical capability* in:
Applying creative processes to design digital products
Selecting and preparing appropriate digital content
Developing and testing effective, fit-for-purpose digital products
Evaluating the fitness for purpose of digital products.


Students will need to do the practical examination for unit 1 developing web products and a summative project for one of the optional units.

Each unit within the qualification has specified assessment and grading criteria, which are to be used for grading purposes.  A summative (final) unit grade can be awarded at C, B, A or A*

Entry Requirements

Bags of self-motivation and an ability to work independently.  You must also be competent in English and ICT.  It goes without saying that you must have a genuine interest in all things media related and a desire to work creatively.