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Head of Department

Miss C Wootton

Subject Teachers

Mr S Bendon
Mr M Dunt

Mrs J Holbourn

Accommodation and Resources

The computing department has five dedicated purpose built rooms. The rooms are all very spacious and all have between 24 and 28 computers, printing facilities, teacher stations and interactive boards. The school also has an ethos of ensuring IT resources are based in other departments to allow IT to be taught across the curriculum as well as supporting the delivering of those subjects. To this end there are 11 Laptop Trolleys and a further 6 dedicated network rooms, in all there are approximately 850 computers in the school for students to use. The school has an extensive networked infrastructure which links the whole site back to the main IT office. The school is also fully covered by a managed wireless network. All teaching staff have laptops that are used for electronic registration and teaching.

What Will Students Learn In Each Year?

The links below give a detailed breakdown of what is taught in the the curriculum for each year.

Key Stage 3

What will my child learn in year 7?

What will my child learn in year 8?

What will my child learn in year 9?

Key Stage 4

What will my child learn in year 10?

What will my child learn in year 11?

Key Stage 5

What will my child learn in year 12?

What will my child learn in year 13?

Extra Curricular Activities

In the ICT department we open the ICT rooms up at lunchtimes and after school for students to continue with work or to develop new skills.

Extended Opportunities For Learning

All computing courses are based on the schools Learning Platform. This is used to set and assess student work. Students can access this information from any computer that has internet access. The department also runs regular workshops to support KS4 and KS5 students. All students also have access to remote desktop from any internet connected devices giving them access to their work and many of the schools software packages.