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Fulston Manor School

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Ethics Team

Mrs L Smilie  Head of Deparment 
Miss G Belfore  Teacher of Religious Studies 
Miss K Harris  Teacher of Religious Studies 
Mr C Milne  Teacher of Law 
Mr L Sealey  Teacher of Religious Studies 
Mrs H Woolcott  Teacher of Citizenship 

Our Curriculum Intent

Religious Studies is an important subject as it enables students to become tolerant and understanding of other people, in a multicultural, secular society students will interact with people of alternative faiths or none.  Therefore, it is vital that our young people are equipped with the knowledge to enable them to conduct themselves in a manner that demonstrates British Values of mutual respect and tolerance.  Religious Studies makes a key and unique contribution to understanding British heritage, culture and values as students learn how to become respectful, knowledgeable and tolerance citizens.  It also allows students to reflect upon ultimate questions and equip them with valuable skills such as debate and discussion in a safe and respectful environment that will help prepare them for life.

Citizenship is the only subject where students can learn about the world they live in, their role as citizens and they impact they can have. It can broaden the mind of children by allowing them to challenge topics they would never usually be able to; politics, social agenda and legal changes for example. Students learn about their own rights and responsibilities, what it means to live in Modern Britain and how to participate in a political climate. The subject allows them to learn about the Fundamental British Values and how they are embedded into our legal systems, culture and our attitudes. They will develop skills in debate and evaluating the effectiveness of those in charge.

Law, both common and by statute, legal principles and the Constitution is more important now than ever. The legal sector, with our ever increasing regulations and rules is expanding, and studying law at A-level gives pupils a firm first step on the path to employment in it. Law provides key skills for work across a wide array of professions, due to the analytical and methodical methods engaged throughout the course: Law A-level teaches students to critically assess and investigate information, and bring arguments to a logical and persuasive conclusion, which is vital to any university degree, and is an invaluable service to non-graduate and graduate employers alike.

What will students learn in Ethics?