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Exams and Results

GCSE Results Day Information 

We will be issuing results in person on the results day as we have done in previous years. These are published on Thursday 20th August.  We are hopeful to see as many students as possible and offer our support and congratulations following what has been the strangest of academic years for them. 

Students will be able to collect their results from the times outlined below. In order to allow us to maintain social distancing it is important that the timings below are adhered to and that students follow hygiene rules and one-way systems that will be in place on the school site.  We would kindly request that parents/guardians do not enter the school buildings. Students will collect results based on the current House they are part of. 

Student's House Results Issued At Enter Via Leave Via
Cromer 0800 AM N Block doors and go upstairs to top of N Block Cromer Stairs then external door by Mr Abbott's office
Hales 0800 AM N Block doors and go through to downstairs of N Block External door by Mr Abbott's office
Morrison 0815 AM N Block doors and go upstairs to top of N Block Morrison Stairs then external door by Mr Abbott's office
Stanhope 0815 AM N Block doors and go through to downstairs of N Block External door then via Mr Abbott’s office

Students will get two envelopes, one with the examination results and the other with information about the 6th Form if they have applied to us.  It is important that students read the content of this second envelope and follow any instructions given within it, especially in respect of booking an appointment with 6th Form staff where asked to do so.

Mrs Demian will also be B1 to offer careers guidance support for any student that needs it. 

If a student is unable to collect their results in person they can provide a friend or relative with a short letter authorising them to collect their results on the day.  Alternatively, a student can supply a stamped addressed envelope to the Examination Office so we can post them out at the address supplied.  Please provide the envelope prior to results day.

Important Information for Examination Candidates 

Candidates must be available up to and including Wednesday 24th June, this is the contingency day.

Candidates last exam may be before this date, however if one of the examination papers has been compromised or postponed for any reason the contingency day will be used to re-schedule it.

Who to contact

Mr Vigeon (Assistant Headteacher i/c Examinations) or Mr Springett (Examinations Secretary) via the Assessment Office.

Examinations timetable

The following documents give details of school and external examinations and assessment: Dates in these documents are provisional and are subject to change.

2019 - 2020 GCSE and GCE Examinations Timetable

Regulations information

Here are links to some documents that provide information to candidates about examinations:

1. Information for candidates - Coursework

2. Information for candidates - Non-exam Assessments 

3. Information for candidates - On Screen Tests

4. Information for candidates - Privacy Notice

5. Information for candidates - Social Media

6. Information for candidates - Written Exams

7. JCQ Warning to Candidates

Examination results days

GCE results: Thursday 13th August 2020

GCSE results: Thursday 20th August 2020

Students can collect their results at the following times:

GCE Year 13 0800 - 1300
  Year 12 0900 - 1300
GCSE Year 11 0900 - 1300
  Year 10 1000 - 1300

If you cannot collect your results

For students who cannot collect their own results, they can designate someone else to collect them. The designated person MUST bring a letter from the student and photographic proof of identification for themselves.

If results need to be sent home a stamped self-addressed envelope, handed in to reception or the Assessment Office, will be required.

Under no circumstances will results be issued over the phone.

Examination certificates

The Awarding Bodies issue certificates well after the examinations have taken place. The school holds a Presentation Evening in September where students are handed a school produced certificate for their records. The Awarding Body certificates are then available for collection the following December/January (when certificates are available information will be shown on the school website).

GCE and GCSE certificates from the May/June 2019 examination series can be collected now.

If you cannot collect your certificates

For students who cannot collect their own certificates, they can designate someone else to collect them using the certificates collection authority. The designated person MUST bring photographic proof of identification for themselves along with them.

What happens if I do not collect my certificates?

Please be aware that certificates only need to be retained by the school for 12-months before they are securely destroyed. Therefore it is important that you collect your certificates as soon as possible, by arrangement with the Assessment Office, to ensure that you do not have to pay for expensive replacements. Ex-students who believe they may have certificates held by the school should email [email protected] requesting advice on whether their certificates are available, giving the following information:

  • Full Legal Name at the time the examinations were taken
  • Date of Birth
  • Year of leaving Fulston Manor

Where certificates are held by the school and you are unable to collect them (by appointment) in person, it is possible to make alternative arrangements, as long as these are received in writing in advance of your request. The certificates collection authority can be downloaded, filled in and posted back to a third party making an appointment with the Assessment Office, or with the appropriate attached funds to cover the postage of your certificates.

If there are any questions relating to examinations then contact the Examinations Secretary Mr Springett (Ext 211) or Mr Vigeon.