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Food Preparation and Nutrition

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Exam Dates And Deadlines

Component 2: Non-examination assessment: externally set task that is internally assessed, externally moderated; 50% of qualification.

NEA 1: The Food Investigation Assessment - A scientific food investigation which will assess your knowledge, skills and understanding in relation to scientific principles underlying the preparation and cooking of food. Deadline – End of Term 2

NEA 2: The Food Preparation Assessment - Prepare, cook and present a menu (minimum of 3 dishes) which assesses your knowledge, skills and understanding in relation to the planning, preparation, cooking and presentation of food. Deadline – End of Term 4

Exam for Externally Set NEA 2 – One day, assigned to groups of 4-5 individuals (Monday 11th March – Monday 18th March).

Component 1: Written examination: 1 hour 45 minutes; 50% of qualification

This component will consist of two sections both containing compulsory questions and will assess the six areas of content covered within the course; Food commodities, Principles of nutrition, Diet and good health, The science of food, Where food comes from, Cooking and food preparation.

Section A: questions based on stimulus material.

Section B: structured, short and extended response questions to assess content related to food preparation and nutrition.

Confirmed public examination date: Food Preparation & Nutrition – 10th June 2019 (AM)

Workshop Night

Monday week 2

Head of Department Guidance

Students must attend the theory workshops during Year 11 to assist with completion of their NEA work, as well as help to prepare them for their theory examination at the end of the summer. 

Students need to use revision guides and study workbooks to assist with their revision. There is an opportunity to purchase these through the school, please see your teacher for further details. They also need to make use of online resources to aid their knowledge and understanding such as PiXL Knowledge and Seneca Learning. Speak to your teacher if you want to know more.

During the two year GCSE Food course it is essential students develop their practical skills and knowledge outside of school. The attached list of skills highlights skills that students are expected to have knowledge, understanding and competence of.