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Free School Meals

Free School Meals – Help Us To Help Your Child

We know from our records that a number of parents and carers do not claim for their entitlement of a Free School Meal for their child which not only removes the opportunity for them to receive a free daily meal but also loses money for the school. We receive additional funds for each and every student who has made a successful application for a free school meal, which will provide more opportunities and enhancements to what we already deliver for your child. As an example, Pupil Premium funding is based on the number of students with free school meals and will provide much needed income in a time of financial cutbacks elsewhere.

There is already a system in place through which parents and carers can seek financial assistance to help towards the cost of school trips and other related expenses. In order to ensure that this assistance is given to those who need it most we will prioritise those students who are on our free school meal register when making such decisions.  We should also confirm that we would not be expecting families entitled to free school meals to be contributing to school fund.

We appreciate that some parents and carers do not claim Free School Meals as they feel that they can 'cope' without, and/or that their child will be singled out by other students. Let us assure you that our cashless catering system makes it impossible to differentiate between those students receiving free school meals and those whose parents and carers have paid in advance. Even if you feel that your child may not wish to take up the free meal every day, although the quality of our catering would make this a strange decision, the entitlement to other types of support on its own should make an application worth submitting.

If you are in receipt of income support or other means tested benefits then your child is entitled to a free school meal. Please make a claim and use your entitlement.

Applications can be made via the Kent County Council Rewards Free School Meals Team, who can be contacted on 03000 415 123. Further information on the process can be found here.

Should you require further information or help please contact our Finance Team on 01795 412600.