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Exam Dates And Deadlines

3 written examinations in May/June examination series.

Provisional  examination dates and topics:

Paper 1 (37.5%)  – 21st  May 2019(pm): Topics 1-3 Global Geographical Issues (Hazardous Earth, Development Dilemmas and Challenges of an Urbanising World)

Paper 2 (37.5%) – 5th June 2019 (pm): Topics 4-6 UK Geographical Issues

(The UK’s Evolving Physical Landscape, The UK’s Evolving Human Landscape, Fieldwork: Coasts and Urban)

Paper 3 (25%) – 13th June 2019 (am): Topics 7-9 Making Geographical Decisions (People and the Biosphere, Forests under threat, Consuming energy resources)

Workshop Night

Monday Week 2

Head of Department Guidance

Monday evening in week 2 is Geography intervention night. Students should work through the revision material on and key term revision using and

Every student should be doing practice exam questions each week using the revision material on the blog, in their supplied revision guides, using and for support, in addition to homework.

Students should seek help from Geography staff, where needed, who they can find in the E block. E1 is used as a meeting point for year 11 before school and after school for revision and homework support. Additionally E1 is allocated to year 11s during lunch on Wednesday and Thursday for revision and homework help.  Students can also arrange to work through questions with other students or staff to support their learning.