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Fulston Manor School

Fulston Manor School A Fulston Manor Academies Trust School


Maths Team

Mrs R Clements Head of Maths
Mr S Adjei Teacher of Mathematics and Key Stage 5 Co-ordinator
Mr C Hadler Teacher of Mathematics and Key Stage 4 Co-ordinator
Ms F Karrim Teacher of Mathematics and Key Stage 3 Co-ordinator
Mr F Arthur-Aidoo Teacher of Mathematics
Mr O Badipe Teacher of Mathematics
Mr A Beaumont Teacher of Mathematics
Mr T Holden  Teacher of Mathematics
Miss C Kent Teacher of Mathematics
Mrs L Tatton Teacher of Mathematics and 1-to-1 Teacher

Our Curriculum Intent

Our aim is to provide students with a deep conceptual understanding of Mathematics. This will then enable them to articulate their learning confidently.  A sequence of small steps are used to ensure that content is mastered before moving on. Students will then be able to apply their understanding to problem-solving and develop the independence needed for further study. We emphatically reject the idea that people just 'can’t do maths'.

What Will Students Learn In Each Year?

The links below give a detailed breakdown of what is taught in the curriculum for each year.

Key Stage 3

What will my child learn in Year 7?

What will my child learn in Year 8?

What will my child learn in Year 9?

Key Stage 4

What will my child learn in Year 10?

What will my child learn in Year 11?
Term 1
  • Indices and standard form
  • Constructions, congruence and loci
  • Proof
Term 2
  • Charts and graphs
  • Transformations
  • Algebraic methods
Term 3
  • Revision
  • Exam preparation
Term 4
  • Revision
  • Exam preparation
Term 5
  • Revision
  • Exam preparation
Term 6
  • Exam Preparation


Key Stage 5

What will my child learn in Year 12 Pure Maths?

What will my child learn in Year 13 Pure Maths?


Accommodation and Resources

The Maths department is located in the N-Block and includes eight classrooms each equipped with a projector and a TV Screen. Some classrooms can be opened up to create a large open space. We have hosted different events in these rooms including revision collaborations with other schools. The department has a set of ipads which are used to access various learning platforms and can be used for research.

Extra Curricular Activities

Revision sessions are run on various afternoons, so students can be given help with a topic they might struggle with, provided with some challenges, or to prepare for examinations.

Examination groups are invited to attend workshops on specific afternoons to help them with revision strategies and fill gaps on their understanding allowing them to achieve the best outcomes in their summer exams.

A Maths Club will be run on a Wednesday lunchtime for students to take part in various activities to broaden their mathematical knowledge and application to problem-solving.

Extended Opportunities For Learning

The Maths Department subscribe to Sparx Maths, an online learning tool which utilises artificial intelligence to pitch the level of the experience in order to stretch and challenge each and every student. The programme has been set in up line with the departments scheme of learning, so all homework consolidates the student’s learning in class.